Wildfire Steaks

Wildfire Steaks

Steak Doneness Guide

RARE | red throughout, cool in centre           MEDIUM RARE | red throughout, warm in the centre

MEDIUM | pink centre, warmed throughout         MEDIUM WELL | hot, just a hint of pink

WELL DONE | hot, just this side of singed       PITTSBURG | blackened, warm in the centre

The Wildfire Steak begins with top-quality beef, hand selected and trimmed by our Chef. Our New York Striploins and Tenderloins are aged to a minimum of 28 days. Seasoned with our own unique blend of herbs and spices that make Wildfire steaks memorable.

Steaks are served with a choice of baked potato, garlic mashed potatoes, roasted new potatoes or rice and seasonal vegeatables.

  • New York Striploin

    8oz or 10oz Tender and flavourful and cooked the way you like it

    • 8oz 34.00
    • 10oz 39.00
  • Sirloin

    8oz Seasoned and grilled just the way you like it

    • 28.00
  • Cowboy Steak

    Over a pound of AAA bone-in ribeye steak wood grilled and served with crispy onions

    • 55.00
  • Bacon Wrapped Blue Cheese Tenderloin

    A tenderloin wrapped in smokey bacon and topped with a Rosenborg blue cheese stuffed Portobello mushroom. 6oz or 10oz

    • 6oz 43.00
    • 8oz 48.00
  • Peppercorn Tenderloin

    Accompanied with a green peppercorn brandy cream sauce. 6oz or 10oz

    • 6oz 39.00
    • 8oz 43.00
  • Delmonico

    Well marbled prime rib steak seasoned and grilled just the way you like it

    • 43.00